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Abus cylinder zamka Plus do baterii Bosch na ramie Gen. 2

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RS*89181181 10 XL
Abus cylinder zamka Plus do baterii Bosch na ramie Gen. 2
Dostępność:na magazynie, realizacja 7 dni Allegro
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In addition to the mechanical security of locks, which is achieved through constructional accuracy and a suitable choice of materials, the locking cylinder Plus for Bosch frame batteries is literally the "key element". Good operating comfort and reliability as well as a high level of security against manipulation. The ABUS locking cylinder Plus was developed for this purpose.

Manipulation protection recognised worldwide: The locking cylinder Plus for Bosch frame battery Gen. 2 from Abus
The ABUS Plus cylinder is a disc cylinder in which a stack of different discs is turned by turning the key. The amount of rotation depends on the cuttings in the key. If the disks are not properly sorted, a pin blocks the rotation of the cylinder and thus the opening of the lock. A suitable key, on the other hand, turns all discs into the correct position and the locking pin releases the cylinder for rotation. The lock can be opened.

Features - Locking cylinder Plus for Bosch frame battery Gen. 2
  • Good operating comfort
  • High security against manipulation
  • With up to 1,000,000 locks
  • For Bosch frame battery 2nd generation
Difference PLUS and standard cylinders
  • With PLUS cylinders, several locks can be operated with one key. The Plus Code Card thus serves as an identifier for the locking systems. Consequently, standard locks do not have a uniform key.
Zakres dostawy
  • 1 Abus Locking Cylinder Plus for Bosch Frame Battery Gen. 2
  • 1 Abus Plus Code Card
  • 2 Abus key

ABUS Plus Cylinders
To develop and manufacture a quality cylinder with up to 1,000,000 locks requires a great deal of know-how. For example, ABUS Plus cylinders must ensure that the discs do not twist against each other and that the key can be inserted easily. The materials are matched to each other in such a way that the cylinder functions reliably even in wet conditions or when used frequently.
The youngest child from the development laboratory is the X-Plus cylinder, which is characterised by improved ease of use. The patented mechanism prevents, for example, the key from being turned before it is fully inserted into the cylinder. This achieves a closing sensation similar to that of a front door.
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